RAD Updated (2005/11/17: 05:40 CST)

The RAD has been updated to include a new format and style outline more like latex's. We could have rewritten the document in latex, but we decided to stick with OpenOffice.org since we already had quite a bit of information already in OOo.

Anyway, have a look at the document and see what changes have been made. Keep checking back as the document is "finalized" as much as possible.

  1. Requirements Analysis
Back Online (2005/11/17: 05:37 CST)

After 4 months, we are resuming work on ITE for as long as we can. We are going to try our best to finish the RAD and get some work started on the server aspect of ITE. Wish us luck!

Requirements Analysis Status Update (2005/07/22: 11:48 CDT)

Most of the RAD has been completed now. There still exist some use cases that need to be clarified, but the majority of the required information has been documented.

Please have a look at the RAD to see what the ITE server's goals currently are. Once completed, I'll start on the project plan and the formal design.

  1. Requirements Analysis Document
ITE Name Changed (For the Last Time!) (2005/07/06: 16:42 CDT)

ITE has changed its name from Intelligent Thought Engine back to Intelligent Thought Entertainment. While I think "Engine" more accurately describes the ITE platform, it was brought to my attention that for the time being, "Entertainment" may garner more attraction from people other than just developers. I hope it's true; let's find out!

ITE Name Changed (2005/07/05: 15:45 CDT)

ITE has changed its name from Intelligent Thought Entertainment to Intelligent Thought Engine. The reason behind this name change is because ITE doesn't have to support only games; ITE can support all sorts of grid-based applications, some of which are mentioned in the RAD.

  1. Requirements Analysis Document
Requirements Analysis Status Update (2005/07/05: 15:10 CDT)

The requirements analysis document (RAD) for the latest version of the ITE game server and thin client is near completion. The RAD only needs some screen mockups in order to be considered complete.

Also, work on the project plan document (PPD) will begin shortly so that a project timeline can be established. Once the PPD is in place, design will begin and a product should begin to emerge.

  1. Requirements Analysis Document
Requirements Analysis Underway (2005/06/27: 14:40 CDT)

Requirements analysis for version 2.0 of ITE is now fully underway. An unfinished version of the document has been placed on the website for a short preview of what is to be included.

Once the requirements analysis is completed, a project plan document will be created. The PPD will give the timeline estimates of when everything will happen and give a detailed description of the type of development lifecycle we will be following for version 2.0.

  1. Requirements Analysis Document
Updated Goals (2005/06/22: 14:51 CDT)

The goals section for ITE has been updated. We are in the middle of creating new software engineering documents that outline the goals for the new thin client (version 2.0) and game server (version 1.0) setup.

  1. ITE Goals
New Site (2005/06/21: 15:58 CDT)

The Intelligent Thought Engine (ITE) project has gotten a new home on Sourceforge, and we are proud to present a beta version of ITE.

Please check out the goals section of this site to see what ITE intends to do.

  1. ITE 1.0 Beta (tbz)
  2. ITE 1.0 Beta (tgz)